7 Wrestlers Who Were Blatant Knock-offs (via WhatCulture)

Nobody likes a cheap knock-off—that’s why you never hear anyone try to order Dr. Thunder at a restaurant.  And it’s no better when you pay $30 for wrestling tickets only to find out the main event is Andrew the Giant versus “Macho Guy” Sandy Ravage.  Check out my new WhatCulture article, 7 Wrestlers Who Were Blatant Knock-offs.


The Crazy Coincidence That Saved Video Games Forever (via Cracked)

If you’ve ever found yourself playing video games for thirty-five hours non-stop, remember to thank the 80s CEO whose temper tantrum is directly responsible for your favorite hobby/debilitating addiction.  Check out my latest Cracked article, The Crazy Coincidence That Saved Video Games Forever.

8 Weird Questions That Courts Have Legally Answered (via WhatCulture)

An integral judiciary is the backbone of a functioning democracy, but sometimes it really does seem like the courts are just fucking with us.  Check out my latest WhatCulture article, 8 Weird Questions That Courts Have Legally Answered.

10 Features You Didn’t Know Were Cut from Classic Video Games (via WhatCulture)

If you ever felt like Mario had a more viaolent side he wasn’t showing us, it turns out you were right all along.  Check out my latest WhatCulture article, 10 Features You Didn’t Know Were Cut From Classic Video Games, to see how Nintendo very nearly gave us Super Rambo Bros.

7 Beloved Video Game Consoles That Were Almost Completely Different (via WhatCulture)

Video game consoles go through a lot of changes before they hit stores.  Some are pretty well-publicized, like that time Microsoft almost prevented you from sharing Xbox One games as an experiment to see how many people they could convince to buy a PlayStation 4.  Others are a little lesser known, and for those, you should check out my first article on WhatCulture, 7 Beloved Video Game Consoles That Were Almost Completely Different.

Highlights from Yesterday’s James Comey Testimony

In an event billed by the media as “the Super Bowl of Washington,” former FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate yesterday regarding allegations that President Trump tried to influence the FBI investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.  In case you missed it, here are some highlights from Comey’s testimony:

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GUEST POST: “This is Fucking Awesome” (by the ghost of President James Buchanan)

As of noon Eastern Time today, Donald Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States.  I’ve invited the ghost of James Buchanan—widely regarded by historians as the worst-ever U.S. President—to share his thoughts on this important day.  He was… strangely excited about it. — Jeff

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2017: The Year in Review

2016 is almost over, meaning that every web site from CNN to your friend’s Pokémon GO blog is preparing to run the exact same “year in review” article about the year we elected a shrieking Jack-o’-lantern as President and Death decided to take all of our favorite people from the 1980s (Carrie Fisher died as I was writing this, for Christ’s sake!).  Stroking people’s nostalgia for things that happened less than twelve months ago is something any chump with a keyboard could manage, so I’ve decided to go a different route by writing my “year in review” article about a year that hasn’t even happened yet.

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My Dad, Jerry Silvers

I know I usually reserve this blog for weird comedy articles about nothing, but today I’d like to talk about my dad, Jerry Silvers.

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Let’s Read a Chick Tract: Dark Dungeons

Jack Chick was the creator of small, comic book-like religious tracts meant to recruit new Christians, but he was so hilariously paranoid of anything not fitting his strict fundamentalist worldview that most “Chick tracts” seemed like they were found scrawled in the notebook of a Jesus-themed serial killer.  His stories usually meandered around aimlessly until a character ended up in hell, and the only two kinds of non-Christians he knew were “people who have literally never heard of Jesus” and “dicks.”  His tracts targeted groups like Catholics, Muslims, and—on at least one insane occasion—nerds.  Chick Publications put out a tract in 1984 called Dark Dungeons about the dangers of games like Dungeons & Dragons.  Read on to see why it’s even stupider than you’re imagining.

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