GUEST POST: “How to Fix the Broken Election” (by a guy trapped in a room with a wasp)

I like to think that I’m open to new ideas and opinions, and I want my blog to reflect that.  That’s why today, I’m doing something I’ve never done on this web site: a guest post.  Today’s guest post is a thought-provoking commentary on the U.S. presidential election and is written by my good friend, a guy trapped in a room with a wasp.  Enjoy!  — Jeff


How to Fix the Broken Election

by a guy trapped in a room with a wasp

It’s become clear we now live in a society that demands to be entertained rather than informed, that prefers we have our beliefs reinforced rather than challenged, and that has little interest in real, substantive discussion.  We’ve seen all manner of hateful and cynical political rhetoric these past several months, and while it’s tempting to blame one person or group, it’s becoming obvious that…

Uhh… it’s becoming obvious that we all..

I’m sorry, do you hear that?  It’s like a buzzing sound.  Huh.  Probably just a fly.  Let me open this window.

Anyway, it’s becoming obvious that we all must shoulder the blame.  The only reason demagogues actually get the attention they desire is because we willingly give it to them, even though we–

…Whoa, okay, it’s for sure not a fly.  Is that… that a wasp?

Shit.  Yes.  There’s a wasp in the room.  Let me see if I have a book to hit it with or something.

…Fuck.  I think it flew behind that shelf.  I don’t see it anymore.  Whatever, this isn’t a big deal.  Let’s get back to business, because this is important: we give demagogues attention even though we profess to hate the things they say because, in a way, we FUCK THERE IT IS!  Right there!  He just flew past my fucking head!  Christ, I hate those little things!  They’re the worst.  I’m not overreacting.  Have you ever been chased by one of those?  And there’s probably more nearby, too.  God, I hope they don’t have a nest outside or something.  I left the window open, I don’t know why he doesn’t just fly out.

Sorry, sorry.  We give demagogues attention because of the twisted satisfaction that comes with GODDAMNIT.  Goddamn this fucking thing.  It’s fucking dive-bombing at me.

Get away!  Get out of here!  Go!

Man, I have no idea if I’m allergic to wasps or not.  Is it bees or wasps that don’t like to sting because it tears out their stinger?  Shit.  I think it’s bees.  This wasp has nothing to lose.

No, no, stay over there.  Stay the hell over there!  JESUS!  AAGGHH!

Alright, I think I got him.  I broke a very nice picture frame, but I think I got him.

I’m sorry for all this, this is really unprofessional for my first guest column on Jeff’s blog.  Let’s get things back on track: we give attention to people like Donald Trump because of the twisted satisfaction we get from imagining OW FUCK!

Today’s guest blogger, a guy trapped in a room with a wasp, is currently working on his first book: Reclaiming the People: How to Beat the Big Banks and AHH HORNETS.



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