Thank You for Contacting Customer Service

Dear valued customer:

Greetings!  I’m Tom, a customer service associate with your electric company.  You recently inquired as to why you were charged a one hundred dollar service fee when our technician came to your home, but performed no repairs or services.

We know that charges on your bill can be difficult to understand sometimes, but thankfully the reason for this fee is simple: we like having dollars, and we wanted one hundred more of them.

Over the years, our company has found that we really enjoy having a lot of dollars.  In fact, acquiring as many dollars as possible was the primary reason our business was founded over forty years ago.  As a result, we rarely pass up any opportunity to get more dollars.  This is why we charged you one hundred dollars.

“But wait,” you’re likely asking, “doesn’t your company already have plenty of dollars?”  You’re right—and how!  But no matter how many dollars we have, it always feels great when we can add more dollars, like the one hundred dollars we recently received from you.

Let me explain it this way: imagine you have the opportunity, right now, to get one hundred dollars.  I bet you’d be pretty excited!  And why not?  One hundred is a large number of dollars, probably enough to make a significant difference in ones monthly finances.  Hopefully you understand now why we wanted your one hundred dollars so badly.

I cannot emphasize enough how much we thoroughly enjoy dollars.

Again, I want to thank you for reaching out to us with this concern.  We appreciate being able to express our company’s interest in having your dollars.  We hope your continued patronage will result in many dollar-getting opportunities for us in the future.



Electric company customer service

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