6 Inspirational Social Media Memes Everybody Can Relate To

Some people use social media to post insightful commentary on current events or to share personal stories that they hope will resonate with others, but mostly it’s clickbait and weirdly vague inspirational memes.  Well, who am I to see a bandwagon and not jump right the fuck on it?  Here are six inspirational, 100% relatable memes you should definitely share on social media with your bored aunt.  She loves this shit.

1. I think we can all relate to this one every now and then.

2. Share if you agree!

3. You’re a deeper person than people give you credit for, and how will they know if you don’t share all these memes?

4. Life’s too short not to follow this advice.

5. We’ve all seen those “Sleep, Eat, Repeat” memes, but none has ever been as relatable as this.

6. Why aren’t people as wise today as they were back then?