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I'm sure I'll fill this out a little more later.


Earlier this week I wrote about a group of ninja students who foiled an alley mugging in Australia. This alone has strengthened my belief that real life is becoming more and more like a poorly written comic book, so you can imagine my reaction when I read that a swarm of bees descended upon Manhattan on Monday.

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There are Ninjas in Australia

According to the BBC and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, three men assaulted and mugged a German medical exchange student in Sydney last month. Not a very surprising story. What is surprising is that the thugs made the fatal mistake of doing this in an alley behind–and I can’t believe I’m even reading these words in a real news article–the Ninja Senshi Ryu school, “a school for ninja warriors.” Feel free to click the provided links to make sure I’m not bullshitting you, I promise not to be offended.

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