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Let’s Read a Chick Tract: Dark Dungeons

Jack Chick was the creator of small, comic book-like religious tracts meant to recruit new Christians, but he was so hilariously paranoid of anything not fitting his strict fundamentalist worldview that most “Chick tracts” seemed like they were found scrawled in the notebook of a Jesus-themed serial killer.  His stories usually meandered around aimlessly until a character ended up in hell, and the only two kinds of non-Christians he knew were “people who have literally never heard of Jesus” and “dicks.”  His tracts targeted groups like Catholics, Muslims, and—on at least one insane occasion—nerds.  Chick Publications put out a tract in 1984 called Dark Dungeons about the dangers of games like Dungeons & Dragons.  Read on to see why it’s even stupider than you’re imagining.

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